Sunday, March 7, 2010

Responsibilities and Achievements

Report to GM, CFO of Head-Office and managing 4 accountants.*Manage daily work of financial department in Beijing Office. Lacoste POLO Shirts

*Improve inventory asset management, set up internal control procedure, make adjustments of multi-Million RMB for inventory
variance between physical and ledger; co-operate with sales team to make sure that all the inventory to be realized with market value in
ledger.*Set up credit control procedure. Correct A/R account balance of year2004.*Conduct cash follow management to make sure that an average 200K RMB monthly ending balance can be met with working capital requirement.*Lacoste Polo Shirts Clean up company liability balance, good communication with supplier in order to solve payable problem within minimum cash flow.*Correct liability ending balance of year 2004.
*Have good communication with PWC to solve all the financial problems in history; pass quarterly and yearly auditing
of 2004. Especially the yearly A/R and inventory provision analysis in year of 2004.*Due to Financial System improving in year 2004, USA Head Office did not require quarterly PWC review in year 2005. *Reason for leaving: USA shareholders sold shares to
Chinese partner in June 2005. The new Chinese GM decided to deduct my salary by 70% to meet Chinese salary standard. Ralph Lauren Polo shirts

Due to too much lower then market value, Both Chinese GM and I agreed to terminate the contract with the company. This was only the excuse of the Chinese partner as they wanted to change the
top management of original company.

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