Tuesday, February 2, 2010


2007 ~ 2008, Product Engineer.
Cooperated with procurement and quality team to complete Chrysler's low-cost procurement (LCC) in China. Took responsible for body and exterior components, supplier selection, qualified suppliers evaluation, help suppliers to design and develop new parts, explain drawings, audit tooling, gages and control their production process.
1. Participated on-site process evaluation sign-off (PSO) 6 times. Achieved more than 200 thousand parts be successfully loaded in North America, including the heatshields, exterior ornamentation, D pillar cover, weather strips and sealing plugs.
2. Together with other two teams to obtain about 5.5 million $ savings for company.
3. Audited and interviewed with nearly 20 domestic body and exterior component suppliers, accumulate a large number of supplier data.
4. Solved Chrysler 300C DLO molding corrosion problems which reduced 1 million losses for company.
5. Took two domestic electroplating enterprises to become the Chrysler approved suppliers, who were written into company standard.
2008 ~ 2009, Lead Engineer and South Korean District Engineering Specialist
Led a small team of four people, continue to work together to complete body team low-cost procurement support (LCC). At the same time, completed transfer work from headquarter in terms of design and analysis.
6. Helped South Korean suppliers to complete product development tasks. Visited South Korea to participate in PSO activity 4 times. Achieved more than 100 thousand parts be successfully loaded in North America, including the spoiler, weather strips, nameplates, door handles etc..
7. Obtained about 5.9 million $ savings for company in South Korea area.
8. Visited South Korea weather strip company HSR &A, body hardware enterprise Hantec, as well as stamping supplier GuyangTec.
9. Led 300C rear floor pan lightweight improvement project. Plastic floor panel may bring 30% of the weight loss.
10. Involved in fender stuff DFSS projects, multi-vehicle bumper modular project, finished Grand Voyager, Jeep Patriot and Dodge Ram door closing effort project, save a lot of money and time for Headquarters.

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