Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Focusing on

1.Focusing on the process to reduce the costs firstly. According to normal technologic conditions of the workshop, train staff about process discipline and improve accuracy of the data in order to raise shift yeild and qualification rate of products and reduce the unit cost , to ensure our products’ competitiveness further.
2. New products development . During in-servicer in earlier stage, responsible for the research and development after-sales market, mainly responsible for North American customers and Japanese customers on the after-sales market about the spring & winter al-wheels; According to customer’s drawings and demands , on the basis of casting capability and the process , make changes or redesign the producation. In pursuit of the splendid design, improved the rate of the producing products per shift, reduced the cost of the unit product; Offered technical support for new customer of Europe.
Responsible for FIAT &BMW projects in OEM on later stage , furthurmore, responsible for progress , cost control and quality control ; Responsible for the relation with corresponding communication and coordination with the customer; Responsible for with the Marketing Dept., the production division coordinates and cooperates; All kinds of files are exported and filed and backed up to responsible for the project; Participated in maintaining systematic system APQP, PPAP, SPC ,FMEA,etc.; Responsible for the design of the mould ; Offer solid backing to market open-up and product quality;
3. communicated with the raw materials supplier. Communicated with the supplier effectively, so and improved the products that the suppliers offered progressively , make product quality satisfy the demands of consumers.
1 solved the problem of intensity of quality existing in company's production process;
2 designed many series of aluminium wheel, and designed and produced 2 new products independently;
3 overcomed various kinds of difficulties met in the course of research and development of products;
4 improved the manufacturing process, and cutted the cost of the company products, economized a large sum of fund for the company;
5 optimized North American customer’s goods distribution &delivery system, coordinated with Market Dept, obtained the customer's favorable comment ;
6. Very harmonious with the customer's communication, rely mainly on sincere and honest.

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